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   Pakistan is a heaven for every nature lover. There is a part of the Himalayan Range there and the second highest peak of the world, K2 at 8,611 m. (28,252 feet). The traveler can do countless treks in one of the most beautiful mountainous scenes of the planet. He can, also, travel on the Karakoram Highway (KKH), a part of the Silk Road which was connecting Europe with Asia for centuries.

   Pakistani people prove the hospitality of Muslims once again! Like in the previous countries, they invited me to drink a cup of tea or a soft drink with them, to eat or sleep in their simple house.

   The policemen there, as it was written on the T-shirt of one of them, are really friends of citizens, at least friends of travellers. In the south, they were escorting me by patrol cars or motorcycles for three days and they didn’t leave me alone even for a second! I was just telling them where I want to go and they were escorting me. They were not delaying me, usually. They were communicating by radios and when the one patrol car was leaving me at the border of each district, the next one was already there. Sometimes it wasn’t necessary even to stop. They were escorting me when I was going for a walk or a ride in the towns, they were offering me tea, soft drinks, food, I was sleeping in the police station during the night, they were giving me water to take a bath and everything else you can imagine. Don’t even think about money…

While I was traveling towards India, I covered 5,515 km. (3,427 miles) in 51 days in Pakistan.


Here is my route in Pakistan, while I was traveling towards India, and most of the places I visited.



When I was returning from India, the second time I traveled in Pakistan I covered 1,666 km. (1,035 miles) in 6 days.

Pakistan - The returning

Here is my route in Pakistan, while I was returning from India, and most of the places I visited.


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