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It’s not just the financial support. There are many ways to stand by us! For example :

Recommend our products to your friends

Did you read any of my books? Do you wear my T-shirts? Did you fancy any other of the “mad nomad” products? Then, you can recommend them to your friends!


Become our correspondent

Are you a member in a forum or any other community? In this case, we can send you our scripts and photos and you are welcome to republish them. You can start right now, by republishing all the information on the stage of preparation. Simply contact us, in order to have your e-mail and be aware of the forum your republish our news in.


Tell us about your friends

   Are you, or any acquaintance of yours, interested in becoming a sponsor for our new traveling adventure, or help us in any other way? Just tell us so!


Do you, or anybody that you know, live in any of the countries we plan to visit?

   Knowing people in the places we plan to visit is very important to us. The primary goal of our trip is to make a contact with the natives of every country, get to know them and comprehend their way of thinking.

   Other than that, knowing a local could be of great help in a difficult situation. Having us as his guests, providing us an internet connection for a few hours, in order for us to work, letting us use some tools or his backyard to work on our bikes, if necessary, is the greatest help of all. Even giving us a tour around or just filling our bottles with fresh water would be a great deal of help.


For any assistance you could and would like to offer, please, contact us.


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