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The bike of Elias

It’s time for me to introduce you to Baobabis! This is the motorcycle I will be riding to Africa and Middle East.


Baobabis next to the XR 250 S on which I traveled in Asia.


Baobabs are those characteristic African trees, you can’t have missed them. Babis is a nickname for the Greek name Haralambos. So, we made up a wordplay!



Honda XR 250 3S (MD30)

Engine : 250 c.c., single cylinder, air-cooled

Starter : electric & kick starter

Year of manufacture : 1995

Mileage before the trip : Unknown (maybe around 30,000 km. (18,641 miles))



Before starting such an adventure we should rebuild and modify our motorbikes. The procedure was similar to the one I followed for my previous XR, but I did it even more carefully. For the engine rebuilding I trusted N.R.G. repair shop.


All the works that have been done are reported in detail below :


  • Reconditioning of the cylinder
  • Replacing of piston
  • Replacing of piston pin and circlips
  • Replacing of piston springs
  • Replacing of rod
  • Replacing of cam chain
  • Replacing of cam chain tensioner
  • Replacing of cam chain slider
  • Replacing of exhaust & intake valves
  • Grinding of valve seats
  • Replacing of valve stem seals
  • Replacing of all gaskets
  • Replacing of all bearings
  • Replacing of all seals
  • Replacing of all copper washers
  • Replacing of all o-rings
  • Cleaning of oil strainer screens in the clutch compartment and on the frame

Transmission and final drive

  • Replacing of starter outer
  • Replacing of clutch nut
  • Replacing of chain slider on the swingarm
  • Replacing of chain slider below the swingarm, at the front
  • Replacing of sprockets
  • Replacing of chain
  • Replacing of all gaskets
  • Replacing of all bearings
  • Replacing of all seals
  • Replacing of all copper washers
  • Replacing of all o-rings
  • Replacing of clutch cable

Fuel and air supply

  • Cleaning of carburetor
  • Replacing of carburetor’s small diaphragm
  • Replacing of carburetor’s o-rings
  • Replacing of accelerator cables
  • Replacing of air filter


  • Painting of exhaust muffler & pipes
  • Replacing of the gaskets between the exhaust pipes and the cylinder head ports


  • Replacing of swingarm, shock’s arm & linkage bearings
  • Servicing of front & rear suspensions


  • Welding around the sidestand
  • Painting of frame
  • Painting of the rack for panniers
  • Replacing of the bolt & nut which hold the frame, the swingarm and the engine


  • Replacing of wheel bearings & seals
  • Replacing of tubes and tires


  • Renewal of brake fluid on front and rear brake systems
  • Replacing of brake discs and pads
  • Replacing of brake fluid seals and dust seals on the caliper pistons of front and rear brake system
  • Servicing of front and rear brake master cylinders
  • Replacing of pad guide (spring) on the rear brake’s caliper
  • Replacing of dust seals on the rear brake’s lever

Electrical system

  • Replacing of starter’s brushes
  • Replacing of starter’s relay
  • Servicing of wiring loom


  • Replacing of speedometer cable



Baobabis after rebuilding and upgrading!


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Κυκλοφόρησε το βιβλίο σχετικά με το ταξίδι μου στην Αφρική και τη Μέση Ανατολή!


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