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Rider’s preparation

   The goal of a recreational trip is to offer as much pleasure as possible. So, we must be secured as much as possible. That’s not a trip of relaxation. On the contrary, it’s an adventure trip. Some regions in our route are dangerous and they require special attention.

   Traveler’s preparation includes the detailed planning of the trip and determination of as much needs and dangers as possible. My previous experience and the experience of other travelers who were recently or they are now at those regions help a lot. Hopefully, the communication with other travelers who use primarily a motorcycle to travel around the world is now easy through internet. The forum at is amazingly helpful and I was using it every day for the preparation. Also, there are some books that such travelers wrote and they are helpful too.

   Through internet everyone can get up to date information about security issues at each region, about dangerous diseases, he can be informed about the existence and the situation of roads, about paperwork, crossing the borders, weather conditions, places to see, hotels, garages, doctors and a lot of other information. That information is valid and objective because it comes from tens of knowing people.

   I consider it very important for a traveler to know the basics about the culture in the societies he visits. This way he will know how to behave and how to respect these people. Then, he will face the appropriate behaviour from the locals there.

   The traveler’s guides I am using are those by Lonely Planet. They are infinitely better than every other traveler’s guide in terms of the validity and the amount of given information. They are written for independent travelers, so the given information is exactly what we need. Also, they include basic phrases and words at each language of those regions, which are required to communicate with local people.

   Mechanical knowledge about the motorcycle and medical knowledge for the rider are extremely helpful. Hopefully, I was dreaming a trip like that from my childhood. So, when I was studying at the university, synchronously I was volunteering in a garage. I was seeing and learning a lot about mechanical issues and later, when I was working keenly on my own vehicles, I practised what I learned.

   I got some medical knowledge through books and internet. I was informed about the diseases at those regions, about the precautions I needed to take and their treatment. Also, I took a first-aid course to learn on practice what I had read.

   In those regions there are a bit dangerous hygiene conditions. Except the precautions during the trip, a lot of vaccinations and tablets are required. The dangerous diseases at those regions are :

Hepatitis A (possibly fatal)Yellow color to the skin and the eyes, nausea, lethargy, fever, dark urine, abdominal painFood, waterUntil 2017Almost completeRest
Hepatitis BYellow color to the skin and the eyes, cancer or cirrhosis of liverSex, body fluidsUntil 2017Not complete
Hepatitis ΕYellow color to the skin and the eyes, nausea, lethargyFood, waterNot Available


Tick-borne Encephalitis (rare, possibly fatal)Similar to influenza, rarely fever, paralysisTicks, unpasteurized milk


Not completeTick removal, hospital
Malaria (possibly fatal)Fever, chill, sweating and possibly headache or malaise or diarrhea or cough or muscular pain or vomit (appears after 3 days to 3 weeks)InsectsMefloquine or Doxycyclinegives more time to seek appropriate medical helpHospital, even after self-treatment
Rabies (fatal)Headache, fever, malaise, aesthetics changes around the bite, and possibly illusion or aerophobia or hydrophobia or delirium or crampsMammalsUntil 2018gives more time to seek appropriate medical help Hospital immediately
Typhoid FeverHigh and slow progressive fever, headache and possibly hack or stomachic pain or pink rash at stomachFood, waterUntil 201670%Antibiotics
Yellow Fever (possibly fatal)Usually asymptomatic, fever, muscular pain, headache, chill, anorexia, nausea, oligocardiaInsectsUntil 2023Almost complete
Meningitis (A, C, Y, W135) (possibly fatal)Sleepiness, delirium, nervous crisis, fever, vomits, headache, malaise and possibly rashes or sore throat or light sensitivityHuman contactFor everNot complete
Cholera (rare, possibly fatal)Diarrhea, vomitsFood, water, not human contactUntil 2009Not completeBig amounts of water with salt and sugar
Dengue FeverHigh fever, serious headache, muscular pain and possibly rash or diarrheaInsectsNot Available


Rest, paracetamol
TetanusCrackling teeth, muscular cramps, extension of woundWasteUntil 2016Almost complete Hospital immediately
Diphtheria (possibly fatal)High fever, very sore throat and sometimes a membrane forms across the throat requiring tracheotomy to prevent suffocationClose respiratory contactUntil 2016Almost complete
PoliomyelitisAsymptomatic, possibly temporary fever and rarely permanent muscular pain or paralysisFood, waterFor everNot complete
Filariasis (rare)Asymptomatic and possibly diastole and dysfunction of lymphatic vesselsInsectsNot Available


Diethylcarbamazine (DEC)
Leishmaniasis (possibly fatal)Slowly progressive lump or wound at the skin, non swollen red ring at the point of bite, high fever, anemia, loss of weightInsects, dogsNot Available


Leptospirosis (rare, possibly fatal)Fever, yellow color to the skin and the eyes, hepatitis and renal problemExcreta of rodents and specifically of ratsNot Available


Schistosomiasis (Bilharziasis)Asymptomatic, possibly ephemeral fever, rashes, rarely blood in faeces or urineSnails in fresh waterNot Available


Trypanosomiasis (fatal)Headache, fever, comaTsetse fliesNot Available


ChikungunyaFever, pain at joints and muscles, headache and possibly skin rashInsectsNot Available


Tuberculosis (rare)Asymptomatic, possibly fever, cough, loss of weight, sweating at night, fatigueHuman contact, milky productsNot Available


Antibiotic (rifampicin,isoniazid)
MeaslesHigh fever, rash, sore throat and nose, cough, muscular pain, red eyesCough, sneezingFor everCompleteRest, paracetamol
RubellaSwollen adens, low fever, rashes at face, chest and limbs, dry skinCough, sneezingFor everCompleteparacetamol
MumpsSwollen parotid, pain at the back of down jaw when chewing, fever, headache, sore throat and possibly inflammation at testiclesSalivaFor everCompleteparacetamol
PertussisCough, sneezing, sore nose, vomitsCough, sneezingFor everCompleteAntibiotic
VaricellaFever, malaise, headache, red pimplesHuman contactFor everComplete
Plague (rare)Fever, chill, headache, malaiseRodents, mammalsNot Available


Doxycycline (7 days)

   We did not use any medicine for malaria prophylaxis, despite we had Lariam (Mefloquine) with us. The only time that both of us got a light form of malaria, in Senegal, we used Coartem (40 mg Artemether + 240 mg Lumefantrine) for treatment. We didn’t have any side-effect at all either due to the vaccinations or due to the pills.

   This is my own opinion, which I formed after my personal research. Please, do not count on that information because it may be invalid. I am not responsible about problems that may occur if you apply those advices. Consult the appropriate doctors and make your own research.



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