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Quite a few companies stand by our side supporting our expedition around the American continent. We thank them sincerely!


Katechaki Av. & Kifisias Av.
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 69 11 900

Motoraid is our Golden Sponsor, since they provided us with the travel gear for our motorcycles and for us!


Carner, with its endless variety of car accessories, equipped our van with cutting-edge technology!

3P Racing
43 Konstantinou Karamanli Av.
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30 2310 843 302
& +30 2310 826 531

3P Racing offered us something very important: the spare parts for our XR 250!

102 Monastiriou Str.
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30 2310 515 787
& +30 2310 554 701

Honda Davanopoulos offered us the original spare parts for our XR at symbolic prices!

eXTra Products
55 Kallirrois Str., Neos Kosmos
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 92 13 286
& +30 210 92 13 287

eXTra Products rebuilt the suspension of our motorcycle and sponsored us all the consumable spare parts: engine oil, chains and sprockets, brake discs and pads!

NRG Motoaction
144 Iroon Politechniou str.
Larisa, Greece
Tel.: +30 2410 555 232

NRG Motoaction is the repair shop which undertook the difficult process of repairing our 25 year-old motorbike!

Kournoutis Engineering
5 Prokopiou str.
Larisa, Greece
Tel.: +30 2410 571 227

The engineering shop of Kournoutis undertook the overhaul of our motorcycle's engine!

Busy Unicorns

Flipped Horizons

Busy Unicorns and Flipped Horizons are the guys who constructed, maintain and host this website!

4 Ionos Dragoumi str.
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30 2310 277 341

Thesmos is the company that covers our vehicles' insurance!

Why Not Cycles
10 Karipi str.
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30 2310 263 563

The workshop of Why Not Cycles undertook the difficult process of rebuilding and modifying our motorcycle's frame!


If you are interested in supporting “mad about Americas”, please, contact us.


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