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Mosko Moto is our choice for the saddlebags!

Another dream of mine has become a reality… This time round I shall be, finally, using the saddlebags I have always wanted! They are safer for the legs, lighter, more durable and more waterproof than aluminium panniers! Since this time I won’t have to carry and lock all of my belongings on the motorbike, I won’t be needing the aluminium panniers and thus will be able to use saddlebags instead, which are much better for off-roading.

Front view

I picked the Mosko Moto ones, which I consider to be the most durable and smartly designed! I was impressed by the way these products germinated in the mind of two American motorcyclists, who were traveling the world. Mosko Moto’s current saddlebags are the result of years of improvements, as well as hundreds of comments and recommendations from motorcyclists, accumulated through the pages of the forum.


Mosko Moto


The company provides countless products and accessories for every use imaginable. I picked the Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit, since I have a rack for panniers. By using a set of numerous bags, small and large, the idea was to adjust my motorcycle to each individual expedition. This way, I will be able to carry with me just the essentials, when exploring rough terrains, while leaving the rest in Angeliki’s van. When, however, we part for a few days, I will use the saddlebags and the duffle bag in order to load my camping, cooking and photographic gear, as well as food, water and clothing.

Rear view

The first trials were encouraging… I massively enjoy my much lighter motorcycle! This way I can savour all of my XR 250’s charms on the dirt roads and trails of the American continent! Mosko Moto’s products are not available through shops or dealers. They can only be purchased through the company itself via its websites in Europe ( and America (


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