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Koutsolikakis Tyres & Tasos Tyres

   From the time Gabriel (Koutsolikakis Tyres) had known about my trip preparations for Africa and Middle East, he immediately told me that it would be his honour to provide us with the tyres we would be needing. Every time I went to Larissa, Greece, I would stop by his store and do some catching up. The more I knew him the more I understood what a remarkable, open-minded guy he really is, with whom we share common dreams and more or less the same view towards life. Every time, before leaving his store, he would always tell me: “Don’t forget me!”… meaning not to forget his offer. He was the one to remind me instead of the other way around, as if I would do him a favour! I was quite sceptical about it because I knew that the man does not own a factory. He is the owner of a small but well equipped tyre store in Giannouli, Larissa, Greece. However, Gabriel kept insisting on supporting our trip and I could tell it was a pleasure to him. Like if he wanted to travel with us in a way…

Gabriel installing our new tyres, carefully and caring as always!

   Gabriel was the one providing us with the tyres, the ultra heavy duty tubes we put on our motorcycles and the spare ones we carry with us. He even gave me a pair of second-hand but good as new tyres, in order not to wear off my new ones while riding through the Balkans. Christina brought me the new pair when she came to Italy. Her small XR was loaded like a truck with all the stuff she was bringing me!

In Morocco, installing the new Heidenau tyres that Christina had brought me.

   With Kostas, we met at the 16th Panhellenic Gathering of the BMW Riders Club Greece, in January 2013. I was there to make a presentation about my trip in Asia. After having traveled mentally to the East, Kostas told me that he was the owner of “Tasos Tyres” enterprise and that he was willing to offer us a pair of tyres for our trip. He wrote down my contact information and indeed, after a few days, he contacted me in order to keep his promise! He really did sent me a pair of the tyres I wanted, the Heidenau.

Heidenau proved to be rather durable under the tough conditions of Sahara.

   I made the choice of Heidenau after having heard a lot from other travellers. The type K60 that we used are particularly stiff tyres, which makes them ideal for rough off-road routes through Sahara. In the sand, after having deflated them enough, they had amazing traction, while they could bear low pressure without any problem! Even on the rugged, stony desert terrain, the tyres were not even slightly torn off.


Gabriel and Kostas, thank you a lot for the thousands of adventurous miles that your tyres offered us in Sahara!


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