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Christina Pefani

Christina Pefani


I guess you’ll be wondering due to the home page: “who on earth is Christina?”… Well, here I am!


Surname :  Pefani

First name :  Christina (my friends call me “Pin” or “Shorty”… no comment!!)

Year of birth :  1980 (already calculating? Shame on you! 4 years don’t even count! Actually, I look as fresh as a daisy!!)

Place of birth :  Argostoli, Kefalonia island, Greece (one of the famous Seven Islands in the Ionian Sea)

Academic studies :  Civil Engineer (neeeeerd…!!)

Professions :  in a design & construction firm, and in a private school of art & design (yes, I can miraculously combine a bureaucrat and an artist, two in one!)




I like :

  • tasting… flavors, experiences, you name it!
  • entrails – don’t be silly, roasted of course!! (I’m gonna party down in Africa…!)
  • travelling
  • making cartoons on computer
  • weird, cold, icy jokes
  • the sea (I come from an island, remember…?)
  • rock, as a music genre and as a way of life
  • laughing, in good times and bad times

I don’t like (turns my stomach…!) :

  • high heels (nothing like a good old pair of sneakers!)
  • household chores (except washing the dishes!)
  • nagging
  • “don’ts” and “musts”
  • when someone criticizes me starting by “others at your age…”

   Why on earth a girl (in the right age of getting married and having some brats, as my grandmother never stops telling me…) wants to wander through the African deserts and jungles?? If you were Greek, you would already have spotted the source of the… problem – it’s my origin: people of Kefalonia Island are well known of their madness, and I am a 100% pure blood Kefalonian girl. So you should expect no different! Besides that, I am an (almost) ordinary girl, who chose the best man to hang out with!!

   Travelling – whether a weekend away from the city or something more ordinary such as… a ride through Africa! – is what excites me the most. The truth is that if someone, some time ago, had asked me whether I would make such a trip, I would consider it somehow impossible to pull it through. The main reason is my difficulty, beyond any imagination, of keeping things organized – I set off for camping and forget to bring the tent, if you know what I mean…!

   No need to say, of course, that my experience in such attempts was equal to zero! Oh, I forgot… so was my experience in motorcycles – zero as well!! I was learning how to ride just because of this trip but I was not worried about it… I had the best instructor of all!

   I was finally traveling from September 18th, 2013 until August 2014. Then, because of some personal reasons, I decided to fly from Zambia back to Greece, along with my bike.



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