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Why mad nomad?

mad nomad   The title and address of my website, as you can see, is “mad nomad”. It’s easy to notice that it makes a wordplay. One night I was in Delhi with two Indian friends of mine, Roy and Veenu. While we were discussing about my trip and my life in general, Roy told me: “You are nomad.”. I was pretending I understood that he called me “no mad”. So, I was joking with him: “No, you are wrong, I am mad!”. We ended up accepting that I am a mad nomad!

   OK, I will give you a more serious explanation. Let’s start from the easy part, the “nomad”. Nomads were moving from place to place for their whole life in search of new, fertile pastureland, land to cultivate and/or animals to hunt. So, I am moving from place to place like them. I search for new, fertile pastureland too. I search for food for my brain. I search for land where I can seed love, solidarism, compassion, understanding, my sweat and grow a better world. I search some animals to hunt, but not those pure creatures of God. I search for the beasts who govern our planet. For God’s sake, I don’t want to kill anybody, not even that kind of beasts. However, maybe I can put a pebble in front of them, so all together we can built a wall which will stop them or reduce their speed.

   The difficult part of the explanation is left now. Why am I mad? I think you don’t need a lot of effort to guess that eight out of ten people who learn about me, call me crazy, mad. This percentage was close to 100% before I started this trip, when they were thinking that it’s like committing suicide, because such a trip is impossible. Some people’s opinion changed a few days before I started the trip, when they saw me on TV. Now, after the successful end of that trip, there are people who find interesting what I am doing and I am glad about it. But still the majority of people call me mad. I don’t care about their opinion. I just use this title ironically. If this majority of people represents what is called “logic”, then I am happy not to be one of them.


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