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The return…

   Three years have passed since I said goodbye to family and friends in Thessaloniki, Greece. In the meanwhile, I explored 39 countries, mostly around Africa, by my small and humble Honda XR 250, the 20-year-old motorcycle that I rebuilt, modified and named “Baobabis”. I started this trip with Christina Pefani, I continued solo, I met Stella, I made hundreds of new friends around the world, I worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I felt “at home” in countries that I couldn’t imagine I would visit, I slept in the wild, in luxurious villas with a swimming pool, in police stations, I made my way through 310 police and army checkpoints, I got malaria, I was healed, I was robbed, I was assisted, I faced Africa’s biggest, wild animals from my motorcycle’s saddle, I was lost in its chaotic cities, I enjoyed riding off-road, I fell, I stood up, I enjoyed the adventure, I was hosted by black Africans, by white Africans, by colored Africans and in the end I feel that I became much richer. Don’t mistake me, my financial status is always a poor one but my soul and mind are much more heavily loaded than three years ago. This trip has provided me precious studies and experiences that no university could offer me. Of course, I have to thank from the bottom of my heart all those hundreds of people who helped me to go one step further and achieve this mission.

   After completing my expedition around Africa, I continued to Middle East but the only two countries I could visit were Jordan and Israel. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to return to Greece overland due to the war in Syria and in Iraq. I have to ship my motorcycle from Haifa, Israel to Lavrio, Greece. In the meanwhile, I will fly to Athens on time to get Baobabis.

The end...

   After three years, I will be very glad to see you again on my arrival to Greece. On Monday, June 27th, 2016, we can meet again in Athens! I will be in the parking lot next to Lycabettus Theatre at 20:00 and we can enjoy a nice evening there with stories from Africa… Old and new friends, you are all welcome!


   I will reach Thessaloniki on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016. The meeting point cannot be other than the one where we said goodbye. So, see you in front of the White Tower at 20:00!


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