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Flipped Horizons and support “mad about Africa”!

A couple of e-mails, during my journey in Asia, were the beginning of it all. It was April 16th, 2007 and it was the third day of me being on the road. Arriving in Istanbul I checked my e-mails, and I was quite surprised to find two messages from Makis and Nikos, members of the Aprilia Bikers club. They moved me very much. The subject of the e-mails was: “We support greece2india”. Creating and hosting a website regarding my trip, that’ s what they had in mind, and all this without even thinking of charging me.

The funny thing is that, at that time, I had turned down this proposal, as I had no plans of being connected to the internet on a regular basis. I didn’t even have a laptop with me. I was visiting internet cafes, however, approximately once a week, to send an e-mail to my family and friends back home. I had decided to send that e-mail to Makis and Nikos as well, as they truly touched my heart and they were expecting to hear from me.

A website was launched in no time, with my e-mail posted. That was the blog which was hosted by Aprilia Bikers. When, after a few days, I was online and saw my e-mail posted, I was left speechless! However, that’ s what triggered me into considering the possibility of sending them every single e-mail I was sending to my family, since I was writing them anyway.


Eventually, the e-mails that were meant for my family ended up being read by hundreds of people. At that time, I could not imagine that this blog would be an online meeting spot for everyone who loves travelling and/or motorcycles. During those 2 years and 2.5 months that I was on the roads of Asia, some true friendships were born in this blog and they last until now. I knew that many people were eager to hear from me, and when I was writing my e-mails it felt like narrating my adventures to a close friend. This blog created a beautiful two-way human contact.

I didn’ t know in person any of my readers. When I returned to Greece, however, one of my first priorities was to meet up with those people who kept me company during my lonely ridings…

Since then, Nikos, the owner of, is the man behind many pieces of the mad nomad puzzle. He is the one producing the calendars, the posters, the mad nomad T-shirts and he is the graphic designer whose advice I always take into account. So, when it was time for me to have a new website, with no hesitation he told me: Flipped Horizons and will design, host and support your new website”. The outcome of this attempt is before your eyes, and I think it is quite awesome, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics!


Flipped Horizons


But, who are the Flipped Horizons? It’s a group of young people with fresh ideas, putting their heads together to make their dream come true: creating video games. If you read the articles that concerns them you’ll be astonished! They move in a very innovative way, despite the harsh economic conditions of the present time. It’s another proof that people with a vision who pursue their dreams with all their powers, can do miracles!


Flipped Horizons and, thank you so much for having created a meeting spot, for all of us, the wandering souls, to come closer…


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