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MOTORAID: Golden Sponsor of “mad about Africa”

   In Motoraid, they were the first ones (and fortunately not the last ones!) who taught us how it really feels to have a Golden Sponsor!


   Oh, pardon me… I forgot to make any further introduction to Motoraid, located in Patras, Greece, and its owner John Labropoulos…

   If you proudly own a motorcycle, spending a lot of your time with it, maybe you have already surfed through its website Not that it would be possible for you just to surf once. More likely you would spend hours surfing, just to have a glimpse of everything you can find in its magical world…

   It’s Wonderland for any travel biker and you will feel just like… Alice (perhaps a little bit more hairy and brutal than the usual one!). You can find there whatever you may need, both for you and your partner (the one with the pair of wheels, as well as the one with the pair of heels, who usually squeezes you up on the tank…)


In the shop


   Well, in such a heaven John has let us completely loose… and we had a feast! We left the place fully loaded… What the man has given us is worth more than gold to us!

   John, it was a great honour that you let us turn a simple Motor-aid into a real Moto-raid! We hope to prove ourselves worth your sincere and limitless support!


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