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Let’s make a wish that is up to us…

   It is about time for me to get used to writing “2014” in the diary I write every night while traveling. The typical wishes are plenty: health, love, happiness… Beautiful wishes and important ones but some things are not up to us, so they just remain mere wishes. Would it be time, starting in 2014, to include in our life something which will give a push to make all the other wishes come true, something that is really up to us? It is called “understanding” and I think it is an element lacking from our societies.

   We are used to judging people so easily: “These foreigners have come and turned the country upside down.”, “What are these stinky people doing here? They should be looking for job in their own countries!”, “These people are not civilized, they are ignorant, cannot keep up with evolution.”. Unfortunately, these are some of the expressions we all hear from fellow people. As long as these people remain foreigners, love and happiness cannot prosper. We should approach them, I think, with understanding, in an attempt to figure out the reason they are here, living this way, having the customs that they have…

Africa 2014

   Let us not forget that immigrants do not come from a specific nation. Immigrants are the Greeks that have moved to Germany due to the financial crisis, having to deal with behaviors similar to those shown to the immigrants in Greece, though much more civilized ones, I would say.

    Immigrants are people, just the same as locals are. We are all people, no matter where we come from, sharing the same world and having the same basic needs. Each one of us primarily wants to survive and after having ensured this, we all want to have a decent life, don’t we? Therefore, let us respect the basic needs of our housemates in this planet, which are the same with our own ones, but we seem to have forgotten about it, as we have taken these needs for granted and have created a bunch of others.

A nice creation of Coco Melvin (

   I consider understanding a basic element of every society. Let us keep that in mind in every move we make. Instead of abusing verbally a fellow man for his behavior, let’s stand there and ask him why he behaves like this. Talking will probably make him think without any hostile feelings towards us. Especially nowadays, the majority of the population worldwide has some serious issues to deal with. We should try once in a while to put ourselves in the same position as our fellow men are. Let us face the same problems as the ones they have to face and maybe we will be able to comprehend their actions. Building such relationships of understanding between us will only change this world for the better…


So, Happy New Year, with much more understanding in our lives!


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