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Sena supports “mad about Africa”!

Sena Bluetooth

   The well known Sena supports our next expedition, offering us a dual set of their amazing motorcycle bluetooth headsets & intercom. We installed them on our helmets in no time and head off on an excursion. I was on my XR and Christina was on her Serow.

 Riding with Sena Bluetooth

   It’s unbelievable how much easier they make the riding life of two motorcyclists (or even more… actually up to four can communicate at the same time)! Having such equipment we don’t struggle to contact with each other, using the horn or the lights, most of the times quite unsuccessfully. With these devices on our helmets, communication about taking the right turn, making a stop or warning about a sudden obstacle becomes a piece of cake. This is even more useful when riding off-road, where the terrain is full of surprises. Using the intercom I can alert Christina to speed down when the terrain gets tricky or guide her through trails.

   Another aspect of their great importance in our riding everyday life is the way Christina manages to inform me of falling on the ground by yelling while she is panicked, something I have unfortunately already experienced! This way is much easier for me to ride looking straight ahead instead of looking for her in the mirrors every other second!

   As a conclusion, by using the Sena SMH10 headsets & intercom we noticed an important improvement on our safety on the road, since we are able to concentrate on riding rather than struggling to communicate, by the risk of crashing with other vehicles.

Riding with Sena Bluetooth

   The use of Sena SMH10 devices has left us speechless! Their design is extremely functional, in order to provide all their features with the minimum effort while riding. Using the bluetooth technology, you can answer your mobile phone through the SMH10 headset without even opening your luggage. You can simply tap the huge button on the side of your helmet while wearing your gloves or just speak loudly any word. You can even make a phone call by using the voice dialing, while on the same time you can follow the GPS directions or listen to your favorite music through your mp3 player. It’s amazing how the technology has evolved to make the life of motorcyclists so less complicated!

   While I travel on a motorbike, I always wear earplugs in order to protect my ears from the constant noise caused by the wind and the engine. Nevertheless, the volume of the Sena SMH10 headset is so loud that I could listen to Christina crystal clear, without even having reached the highest volume level. Thanks to its noise reduction system, we can always adjust the volume in order to listen to the voice of our companion, skipping the nuisance caused by the wind or the motor. I have been amazed by the clarity of the sound through the headset. We can talk as if we were in the same room! We don’t even need to speak loudly. The specified intercom range is up to 900 meters (980 yards). It was working fine even when one of us was left behind and there were some cars between us.

Riding with Sena Bluetooth

   One of the coolest features of Sena SMH10s is the ability to update their firmware for free! Having the SMH10 3.3 version, we were able to update it to version 4.0 through our PC. Now our devices are functioning under all the new features provided, including voice prompts! For instance, if the battery is low (after some days of use), a young lady kindly informs us of the situation by saying: “Battery level is low”. She generally informs us if we need to know anything about the connection or the headsets… such a helpful girl! Summarizing, you buy the devices once and, by using the firmware updates provided online, you can always acquire all the new features of the latest devices for free!


   Thank you Sena so much for your unbelievable assistance, and we promise to travel your devices to the most remote and exotic destinations!


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