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“Oikonomiki Makedonias”… where finance is fond of traveling!

   Just before the millennium, in a school in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece: it’s Algebra class… A dark-haired boy is trying to pay attention, quite unsuccessfully though, as his like-aged friend on the same desk, with the untamed curly hair, is trying to persuade him play hangman with him…

   Just before the big trip to Africa, in a workshop in the west side of Thessaloniki: it’s make-ready time… A dark haired man, who made a living out of numbers, now partner in the financial consulting firm, known as ”Oikonomiki Makedonias”, is there to support, not just morally but even materially, the dream of his old colleague with the curly hair!

   When I started preparing this trip, in an attempt of finding potential sponsors, I had never even dreamt of the possibility that supporter on this endeavor would be my colleague and friend since high school, Kostis Varvaropoulos. Actually, a more suitable surname would be Berberopoulos, as many of the kilometers we will be riding to the Berbers’ villages will be ridden thanks to him and his firm! He had been serious about it a long time before starting this trip, but I did not want any financial issues to get in the middle of our friendship. However, he was determined to make us a gift, a sponsorship, you name it. In the end, “Oikonomiki Makedonias” was the only one of our sponsors that financially supported “mad about Africa”!

Kostis is always bidding us farewell in the most impressive way: the previous time it was with a huge banner, wishing me to have a nice trip, this time it was with a champagne!

   So, do you still consider that finance and people dealing with it are mere bureaucrats, lacking inspiration? People make the difference in every sector. ”Oikonomiki Makedonias” defeated the stereotypes, sharing our dream… How else could you get consulting on your business, if not from someone sharing your own vision? That’s the only way to have the financial issues of your business taken care of by people responsible and trustworthy.

Kostis and “Oikonomiki Makedonias”, you must have already figured out which ones are the kilometers dedicated to you 😉 Thank you so much!


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