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PlanetSim… when you travel and your beloved ones “travel” with you!

   Is it possible to be in the other end of the world (OK, I am exaggerating a little bit… we are just on the Sahara sand dunes for the moment!) and, nevertheless, carry the voice of your friends and family within your pocket? “Yeah mom, I am having a great time… We just sipped some mint tea with a Berber family and we are about to have a tajine feast!”

    As we have “mad nomad” instead of “rich nomad” for nickname, something like that would be impossible to happen, if PlanetSim was not part of our life! On my previous trip in Asia, I had a really hard time as far as it concerns communication. On one hand, no Greek top-up phone company was offering the possibility to reload through internet. On the other hand, the charges of roaming services, when having connection by contract, would not be affordable for me, and I would not be able to check the balance.

   With PlanetSim, we have solved all of our problems! First of all, it is possible to reload through internet, something that we can do from any part of the world, in case we exceed the limit that the company has granted us for free, to support our endeavour. Moreover, the charges are of quite a low cost, less than any of the other Greek telecommunication companies, and checking your balance is a piece of cake! Through, users can have a detailed report of their account. In addition, you automatically get feedback of your balance before every call! In this way you always have a clear view of your account, eliminating the risk of being unloaded in the middle of nowhere, looking desperately for a way to contact someone in your country in order to reload your top-up phone…

   Not to mention that in every country we visit, our mobile phone connects directly to the collaborating network – no need to move a finger! We have a mobile phone which works everywhere without any effort and we accept calls, usually with no charge even in most African countries, while we can make a call both to Greek and African phone numbers (and anywhere else, of course)!

   It is really that simple! A phone company like PlanetSim was something missing all these years but at last our communication needs are being fully covered in every part of the world! How else do you think we would be able to send SMS when being in the middle of the desert, in order for you to watch our route through Live Trip Traveller? Without PlanetSim being on our side, we would not have this possibility. It is not a matter of luck that so many travellers choose the PlanetSim for their communication needs.

   Thank you PlanetSim for being there for us, supporting our expedition! You make our life so much easier and we are grateful for that!


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